Political Fiction Books You Need To Read

We can all agree that political theories and ideologies are important to understand in order to become responsible citizens of our countries. Gaining such knowledge allows us to understand the nuances and logic of what goes on in society. Unfortunately, these theories can be incredibly hard to understand. If you try to read texts about these theories, chances are that you’ll lose track of what’s going on pretty soon. (Don’t worry, it happens to us too!) However, there is a specific genre of books to help people with these problems – political fiction.

Political fiction books try to explain political theories and ideologies to the reader via a story. Just like a novel, these books take you through a different world, and make you live someone else’s life. Unlike novels, these books teach you something that can even help you in your academics.

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So, here are 3 books from the political fiction genre that you really need to read!



Political Fiction Books You Need To Read

Nineteen eighty-Four rings powerfully, brilliantly, and very bleakly true to the times in which we live. Truth is what Big Brother and his Party want it to be; two and two do not necessarily make four. War becomes peace, freedom becomes slavery and ignorance strength. Even to think otherwise constitutes the gravest crime of all: thought-crime. While Orwell’s world suffers from the fact that the Party is the sole dispenser of information and therefore has total control on what they want the truth to be, the tragedy of our world is that there is a deluge of so much information that people no longer can differentiate truth from falsehood.


A coming-of-age text that is now considered a classic of American literature, To Kill a Mockingbird deals with the interstices of race and gender in the postbellum South. Gender was and continues to be deeply racialized as the white woman who is pure, delicate and vulnerable is under constant threat from the monstrous and aggressive Black man, and so in need of protection from the honorably brave white men, as thousands of Black men were lynched and hanged on false allegations. Told by a child Jean Louis Finch, the text has her father, Atticus Finch, as its hero, and despite its warm heart remains a white story for a white audience written primarily to assuage white guilt.


Political Fiction Books You Need To Read

Animal Farm is another masterpiece of the Orwellian world, offering a biting critique of the ideals of a rebellion, the ideas it is premised upon, and its susceptibility to corruption and totalitarianism. Those in power have zero problems in manipulating laws meant as safeguards for their personal gains.

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