Portal Entryways – A Boon for Wheelchair Users

Portal Entryways is creating an environment where people with any physical ability can go anywhere, without worrying about the laborious procedures they have to carry out to open the doors or worrying about the doors shutting on their faces.

Basically, Portal entryways is a startup trying to improvise the current ‘push to open buttons’ more useful. They have designed the doors such that it opens automatically when a wheelchair user approaches the door and also at the same time makes sure that the door is open until the user crosses the door.

TechCrunch says, “It’s still early days, but they’re aiming to grow quickly. They’re approaching 250 devices installed, with a goal of having contracts signed for around 1,250 devices by the end of the month”.

 The Americans with Disabilities Act –

 “Businesses or buildings that are open or offer services to the general public are called ‘places of public accommodation’ by the ADA. Places of public accommodation and buildings constructed by state or local governments must be fully accessible to people with disabilities if built after January 26, 1992.”

The Door Accessibility Requirements – ADA

  • At least one door should be accessible at these locations: Each accessible entrance (a minimum of 60% of public entrances in any newly built facilities must be accessible to wheelchair users or individuals who have mobility impairments).
  •  Each tenant space in a mall or other building with multiple businesses
  • Accessible rooms as well as spaces within buildings.
  • Entrances to buildings from all parking structures or tunnels
  • At least one restricted entrance (if required).
  • Along each building’s required routes of escape
  • Public entrances serving different fixed routes within a transit
portal entryways

Why Portal Entryways?

The largest as well as fastest growing minority in the United States is the disability.  They control around $1 trillion in total annual income. They have friends, family, and colleagues who accompany them to places. Also, they use facilities that are accessible to them.

But the question is, how can we provide access to people with disabilities?

Well, they can begin by opening their doors, literally. Accessible doors welcome everyone, as well as that’s what portal entryways do, it empowers people with mobility disabilities to have greater access to information, opportunities, and experiences.

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How does it work?

The device consists of two components: a low energy-enabled Bluetooth hardware and a complimentary app.

The Bluetooth enabled hardware is connected to the opening system of the existing door while the complimentary app runs on the smart mobile device of the user. The app when receives signals from low energy Bluetooth device it sends the command to open the door and also keeping it open till the user passes the doorway.

Portal-enabled doorways are marked with a sticker, helping users to know which doors will open as they approach.

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