Powerful Ways Woman Can Succeed in a Male-Dominated World

Here are a few tips for women to survive in a male-dominated world.

1. Become a person of value

If you’re waiting for someone to recognize your value, you may well be waiting forever. Better recognize your own worth and speak up if you want to work on a project. Because no one will appreciate your contributions until you appreciate yourself.

2. Let your voice be heard

Studies show that women speak up less likely than men in meetings and if you have anything to say, be confident and speak up. Recognize the value of your opinion and listen to it.

3. Speak with confidence

If your communication seems weak, practice to being assertive. That doesn’t mean you have to be rude or angry. Simply apologise when you speak and others will see you as more authoritative and confident as well.

4. Stop trying to be a pleaser

Many times women take on the role of the pleaser. If getting someone coffee isn’t a part of your job, let it be done by someone and do your job only. Instead of serving or promoting you, it belittles you and leaves an impression that you’re unsure of yourself too.

5. Learn how to handle conflict

Instead of engaging in any conflict or avoiding it, learn to communicate by acknowledging the problem and asking, “So how do we move past this?” Don’t make or allow personal attacks and keep it professional. Don’t email or talk to anybody when you are angry and don’t read emotion or tone into texts, emails, or directives too. Don’t hold any grudge; once the conflict is over, go and shake your hands, hold your head high, and get back to work again.

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