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Microsoft announced two days back on the 5th September 2019, about their PowerToys; which is available for Windows 10 download. So together with docs and tools, it will make it easier to create new PowerToys apps.

Windows 10 PowerToys First Preview Launches!

In the Windows 95 era when they were first available; Windows PowerToys were tiny freeware utilities created by Windows developers as side projects. However, they were not in any way supported by Microsoft and they came with implied “use at your own risk” warnings.

They allowed users to play with Windows internals by tweaking and using undocumented OS features and they also provided functionality designed to help them get things done easier.

“When the PowerToys project was first announced this spring, we didn’t think the reception would be as enthusiastic as it has been,” explains Microsoft’s dev platform team. “Given this enthusiasm, we’re anticipating many developers will want to contribute to PowerToys, and we’ve made sure that the documentation, project architecture, and tools are ready for the community to dive in.”

You can download FancyZones and the Windows key shortcut guide utilities as part of the new PowerToys project over at GitHub.

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Two New Utilities –

PowerToys used to be useful little utilities that would let you further customize Windows, and now Microsoft is releasing two new utilities for Windows 10 under the PowerToys brand. The first is a Windows key shortcut guide; that is a full screen overlay with dynamic shortcuts for each active window or app.

You can use the utility to hold down the Windows key and discover keyboard shortcuts; and it’s useful if you’re not familiar with most of the built-in Windows keyboard shortcuts or you want to find quicker ways to get things done in certain apps.

The second utility is a FancyZones window manager; and you’ll definitely want to check this out if you like to run multiple apps side-by-side. You can set custom zones and then simply drag and drop apps into these layouts to have them automatically resize. It’s great if you really want to customize your desktop and window management even further on Windows 10.

Microsoft has even created a 5-minute tutorial video to step through all the different ways you can use FancyZones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work well with multiple monitor setups right now, though.

This is the first preview release of the new PowerToys. They seemed fine to us, but you may encounter some issues. For example, FancyZones doesn’t yet work well if you have multiple monitors.

Microsoft will be improving on these PowerToys and adding more PowerToys in the future, so stay tuned.

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