Prices slash as Easter bunnies face less demand

Some chocolate makers are cutting down the prices and offering discounts like never before, to boost sales.

Due to the lockdown with an aim to fight covid-19, the demand for frivolites have gone down, as people have stocked mainly the essential goods.

The sale of chocolate Easter bunnies are quite profitable during the normal Easter days. However, this year the stores are shuttered and travel bans mean that chocolate remains on the shelves at duty-free stores.

Easter accounts for almost 15% of the total sale of Lindt. This time, it is offering discounts as much as 30% on its entire Easter assortment.

Another high-end chocolate chain, Laederach , is offering discounts this time, unlike every year.
Retailers across Europe and North America are also offering promotions of as much as 50%.

Although, both the companies, Lindt and Laederach have witnessed an increase in their online sales, but it isn’t going to match the lost sales which are usually the ‘impulsive purchases’ in stores.

And this time, the Chocolate Easter Bunnies are made with a protective mask and a roll of toilet paper at a chocolate factory in Pirmasens, Germany.

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