Promoted women are more likely to divorce

Even today, women do not get due recognition in jobs. Mostly, they aren’t given the same position, wages and responsibilities  as men. And, even if they are given  recognition for their efforts and promotion, they are likely to suffer. No matter if these women become economically and educationally powerful, most of the times they struggle at their personal life. Some studies have revealed that women who get promoted are much more likely to get divorced than promoted men or non promoted women.

The scenario is no different in so called gender- equal countries.
But what are the reasons for that?

It is mostly seen that promotion comes with increased responsibilities, time commitments and stress. So, the most common reason for divorce of promoted women is the increasing gap between the couple due to work load. The on-going romantic- marriage of the couple is triggered when the women gets more responsibilities and commitments, which result in frustration and conflicts between the couple.

It is also seen that women are more likely to travel when they are at a senior post like CEO or any chief officer. The physical distance act as a barrier between their relationship. Another common reason which men gave, was that the women do not usually fulfill the household responsibilities like looking after kids, doing the household chores etc. But the research stated that by the time women get’s promoted to a higher level, her children are already grown up and leave.

A woman stated that, the reason for more divorce in promoted women is just because of the idea that women can not achieve a dominant position. And, they do not deserve the outdoor space, but only the domestic chores.
“The reason men become arrogant when their wives get promoted is because most of them cannot accept the idea of women becoming powerful”, said a woman.

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