Pros and cons of getting tattooed

Everything has positives and negatives, even getting tattooed for that matter. Some people love getting their skin inked or colored like a canvas, but don’t know if they are doing justice to their body.

Following are the pros and cons of getting tattoos:


Extension of personality

Tattoo is an expression of self. Even if you do not say anything, your tattoo would speak about you, your personality, likes or choices. Your tattoo can have a lot of meanings , however it also depends on the decoder. But, tattoo in general is a true expression of your personality and a perfect artistic form of individuality.

Connect with amazing people

A Tattoo may help you connect with some amazing people around you. They may be people who are fascinated by your tattoos or those who want to get themselves inked. You may even find people who are already tattooed and wish to share their stories or experiences or want to know about yours. This way, it helps create a completely different community and way for interaction.


Health concerns

Getting inked or tattooed can put your life at risk. The ink and needle used may not always be hygienic. It may spread infection to your nerves or body, specially if it is re used. So never go for cheap tattoos and always ensure that you get it done from a known person or a certified artist who ensures hygiene and safety standards.

Limit career opportunities

Unfortunately, the taboo associated with tattoo remains today even in big organisations. Tattoo may limit your career path even if you are highly qualified. Some organisations may hesitate to hire you if your tattoo is visible on neck or arms.

Even most of the defense-related jobs do not allow any inked person to join or be eligible to go through further process.

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