Protests Against Femicide In Mexico

In Mexico, nearly 10 women are murdered every day. They add to the country’s femicide numbers, and they get neither sympathy nor empathy.


Femicide is a distinct crime that refers to the killing of a woman solely because of her gender identity.

According to Amnesty International, there were approximately 34,000 femicides in Mexico between 1986 and 2009. In 2012, it had the 16th highest number of femicide in the world.

Additionally, more than 90% of these cases go unpunished.


Another problem that Mexico faces with regards to femicide is the way they are perceived by the public. The way they react to femicide is the same as the way most people react to any violence faced by women: victim-blaming.

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Protests Against Femicide In Mexico

A recent case that occurred in Mexico was the murder of Ingrid Escamilla. Her partner was arrested after he confessed to killing, skinning and removing some of the organs from her body. Soon after this, pictures of her mutilated body went viral on social media and also found their way to the front pages of national dailies.

Her case did not receive empathy from the public. Instead, they blamed this murder on her poor choice of partner. They believed that if Escamilla had left, her partner would not have turned into a violent person.

Sometime around this case, a 7-year-old girl’s naked body was found three kilometres away from her school. The body bore signs of torture and was found in a black plastic bag. It was later discovered than 4 days earlier (11th February) an unidentified woman collected her from her school.

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Even this case wasn’t met with empathy. Since the public couldn’t blame the child by pointing out her clothes or saying that she was intoxicated, they went for the next woman. This femicide was blamed on the victim’s mother.

A 26-year-old, called Isabel Cabanillas de la Torre was murdered on 18 January in the city of Juarez. This triggered protests all across the country.

Protests Against Femicide In Mexico


The staggering numbers of femicides in Mexico have led country-wide protests.

On February 14 and 15, Mexico say protests across 11 cities, in support of Ingrid. These included including Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Ciudad Juarez.

They have been using hashtags such as #NiUnaMenos (#NotOneLessWoman), #JusticiaParaIngrid (#JusticeForIngrid) and #IngridEscamilla. These protests call for better policies and systems to allow women to leave abusive relationships and for the abusers to be charged.

Feminist groups posted pictures of landscapes under #IngridEscamilla to ensure that people who searched for her name would not find pictures of her body.

The Attorney General for justice in Mexico proposed Ley Ingrid (Ingrid’s Law). This would impose sanctions on public servants who leak images from open police investigations.

Women’s group have now called for #UnDiaSinNosotras (#ADayWithoutUs) national strike. Under this, women are being asked to completely boycott the society, get off the Internet, and refuse to go to out to even work.

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