Quick tips to deal with stress and anxiety

With the change in lifestyle and living patterns, Stress and Anxiety have become common these days. You may feel burdened with everyday work which may cause stressful situations and demotivate you at times.

A temporary phase of stress is common in humans. But, if it’s persistent, it may affect mental and emotional health of the person, also leading to physical illness. Hence, monitoring the situation becomes an essential part.

Following are some tips to overcome stressful situation:

1- Monitor

Monitor any changes in your lifestyle. Look for things that are causing anxiety in your life through any situation. It’s essential to know the source of pain in order to fight it.

2- Evaluate Cause

Once you get to know the cause of stress, find out the means to get rid of it. It may he by leaving any job or company of certain people, or working harder to achieve goals.

3- Action

After evaluating the means to overcome it, go for it. Do whatever it takes to make you happier. If it’s to work harder, maybe study 2 more hours a day. Without taking action, the source of anxiety remains within and may not get away with anything other than working on the root cause.


It’s important to give time to yourself and wait for the results. Once you are done with your part, let things get better. It’s important to stay calm and get enough of rest. Ensure that you are taking adequate sleep, as it will help bother you less about the stressful situation.

5- Eat Healthy

A common mistake that most people do when is stress, disbalance their diet. Some people may skip taking meals, while others may start over-eating it, mainly junk food. Healthy Eating place an important role in keeping the body healthy, and therefore the mental health. Not many will believe, but it can actually help you stay happy and not just healthy.

Bonus Tip-

Remember that life is full of ups and downs, stress is a part of life. It shouldn’t act as an obstacle to your everyday activities. It’s important to find out the cause and eliminate it, to actually deal with it. However, if nothing helps out, it’s important to visit a counsellor or psychologist.

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