World Autism Day 2022: Quotes By 5 Autistic People

Celebrated on April 2, World Autism day is known to spread awareness about autism and promote its acceptance across the globe.

It seeks to promote a culture that treats people with autism with no difference.

Below are some quotes by autistic people to make you understand it more closely and acknowledge the differences.

John Elder Robison – Author, ‘Look Me In The Eye: My Life with Asperger’s’

“I don’t want to be a genius or a freak or something on display. I wish for empathy and compassion from those around me, and I appreciate sincerity, clarity, and logicality in other people. I believe most people—autistic or not—share this wish. And now, with my newfound insight, I’m on the way to achieving that goal. I hope you’ll keep those thoughts in mind the next time you meet someone who looks or acts a little strange.”

Hannah Gadsby – Comedian ‘Nannette’ ‘Douglas’

“When I was diagnosed, it just gave me permission to be kinder to myself, to not always take responsibility for being a bit clumsy around other people, and allow me to start to tell people, “I’m clumsy, but I [don’t] mean to be.” And being more open about, “I need you to tell me what I did wrong, and then we can move on from there.”

Kayla Cromer – Actress, “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”

“Being on the spectrum and having other learning differences, I am used to working harder and have a great drive to succeed. I interpret things differently, which helps with analyzing scripts, engulfing myself into roles, to achieve realism. [It] also drives me to make strong choices.”

Jim Hogan – Principal Innovation Strategist – Google, Autism Spectrum Award Winner 2020 – Advisory Board Member

“My activism is not about ending Autism, it is about ending cruelty – with a focus on the horrendous cruelty of bullying”

Tony Hernandez Pumajero – Collaborator, Despierta Orlando – Univision TV, Advisory Board Member

“My focus is to continue to advocate on behalf of people with autism, especially adults, for better programs and services that will help them achieve a more independent and greater life. Regardless of the function level, every person with autism has an important role to play as the agent of change that the World truly needs”

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