Rafael Correa Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison

The politics of Ecuador underwent a major storm amidst the raging Coronavirus pandemic. It’s controversial yet popular former President Rafael Correa was sentenced to 8 years in prison on corruption charges.

The former President and his government were accused of accepting $8 million in bribes in exchange of state contracts to private companies. Correa was among 20 people including the Vice President Jorge Glas who have been convicted. In addition to this, Correa who is 57 years old, has also been banned from politics for 25 years.

The trial was being closely followed in Ecaudor due to the divisive figure of Mr Correa. His story goes back several years and will have a deep impact on the region. Let’s find out some interesting details about Rafael Correa.

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Rafael Correa Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison Over Corruption Charges


Rafael Correa left Ecuador in the year 2017 and moved to Belgium. He vowed to retire from politics but has since reversed his decision. In fact, he said that it was his goal to “take the fatherland back”.

Interestingly, Correa is one of the most popular and the most rejected Presidents in Ecuador. He was one of the leaders who got into power amidst the Leftist wave that swept across Latin America in the late 2000s. Alongside him, other leaders were elected as socialism gained currency. These include Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva in Brazil.

Rafael Correa Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison Over Corruption Charges

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His coalition consisted of a group of workers, environmentalists and young people. Correa’s reign was also famous for reducing inequality to record levels. The former President has rejected all charges against him. Moreover, he labelled this as a political conspiracy against him by current President Leni Moreno.

It will be interesting to observe the changes that sweep past Ecuador as its politics continues to go through more turmoil ahead.

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