Rahul Dubey – The Indian Who Gave Shelter To DC Protestors

A first-generation Indian known as Rahul Dubey has won over the internet with his recent actions. A resident of Washington DC, Rahul emerged as a hero for a group of protestors who were about to get arrested.

The protestors numbered 70 were past the 7 PM curfew that’s currently working in Washington DC. That means they would’ve been arrested for any moment spent outside. However, at that moment, Dubey decided to give them shelter inside his house.

Things didn’t stop here as police continued to unleash brutality on the protestors. However, Dubey didn’t give up as he continued to save those, who, according to him, are saving the nation right now. The Associated Press recorded some of the statements that were given by him.

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Rahul Dubey - The Indian Who Gave Shelter To DC Protestors


Rahul said that the protestors were not left alone by the police even after he gave them shelter. It was a really scary event.

“The last thing that they were chanting with their arms out peacefully was ’let us through, let us through,’” he said.

“They (the police) unleashed sheer hell on peaceful protesters right outside my stoop. I don’t know, I just flung the door open. And I just kept yelling, ‘Come in. Get in the house, get in the house.” he told NPR.

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Rahul Dubey - The Indian Who Gave Shelter To DC Protestors

“And now, the pepper spray is coming, and they’re coughing and they can’t see and they’re tripping up on the stairs and their friends or whoever’s around them is helping them, pulling them inside the house. And this went on for 10 minutes,” Dubey told AP, adding that, “it was pure terror. It was 10 minutes of terror.”

“Everyone was coughing – we were all coughing for 45 minutes to an hour,” Dubey told NPR, adding that police officers also came up to his door and sprayed pepper spray into the house.

It’s moments like these that define a protest. When common people go beyond their means to help others. This is the kind of heroism that will be more on display as the protests keep going.

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