Reasons of Staying Busy

There are times when a person becomes so busy that he or she doesn’t have time even for themselves. It is often noted that many people take pride in announcing that they are busy and don’t have any time to waste. While it is completely okay to be busy and have work, being extremely busy all the time doesn’t do any good. There can be a variety of reasons for which you are staying busy all the time.

Genuinely have a lot to do

Almost everyone goes through that phase of their life when they genuinely have a lot on their player. This can be due to a variety of factors and it is completely normal. In such a situation, the only thing you should practice is to take small breaks in between even if the break is for 15 mins as it help you keeping your sanity intact.

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Struggle to say No

This is the problem that most human beings face. Many don’t have time to do any extra work but then also they will accept more work and will unnecessarily burden themselves. It is very important to master the art of saying NO otherwise people will start using you as a doormat for making their work happen smoothly.

Time Management

Another reason for staying busy all the time can be poor time management. Though you don’t have much work and all of it can be completed in a given time slot, still you find yourself busy all the time. This is because you are failing in prioritizing your time and in just wasting it on useless things.

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