Reasons we Judge Others

We often complained about being judged by our neighbors, friends, family, siblings, or colleagues. About it isn’t a healthy practice to judge somebody, we all guilty of judging someone or making comments on them. I don’t think there is anybody who can proudly say that he or she hasn’t judged even a single soul in his entire life. There are various reasons that prompt us to judge others or pass comments on them. Lets’ find out some of the common reasons because of which we judge others.

We deem something morally or ethically wrong

All of us have our brains to think. Almost all human beings have their mind clear regarding what is morally and ethically correct while what is wrong. This is subjective to every individual as something which you feel right might be wrong for some else. This particular space between thinking and understanding of two individuals gives room to judgments.

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We lack understanding

If you’re always placing someone under major scrutiny and are judging them for their every action, then it might be that you lack understanding. It is important for every human being to know that every individual has the right to live their life in the way they want to. It is not compulsory that everyone has to compile by your standards of morality and ethics. Instead of passing comments on someone else, you should focus on your own life.


The most common reason of judging others is insecurity and jealousy. When you are insecure regarding someone’s achievement, you subconsciously start finding faults in their behavior and work. You start things how they are wrong on certain levels. By passing judgments, you just want to pull them down or lower their spirits, so they can’t achieve something big in life as you are jealous of their success.

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