Reasons Why Social Media Is Important to Your Company

For companies, social media adds some beneficial values. There are 10 reasons why this is important to your company.

1. Reputation Management

Many social media sites – especially for B2C businesses – also serve as review and rating websites which is helpful. If you’re unaware which social sites your audience is using and reviewing on in your industry, you will miss out on the opportunity to see the reviews.

2. PR

Social media is a great platform for sending important company news and messages. Like LinkedIn allows for more professional and press release-like communications, but beyond that, there are many social networks to get positive news from customers, prospects, and stakeholders about what the company is doing beyond making a profit etc.

3. SEO

SEO has a great impact on social media. Regardless of the debates over causation, correlation, and search engine algorithms that relate to social media, there’s relation within digital marketing that if you’re doing SEO, you should be thinking about this as well.

4. Gaining Industry Insight

Beyond the focus of our own posting and efforts to gain more attention and engagement, we can also listen and learn a lot from it too. By keeping a close look at your competitors, using social media listening tools to keep tabs on shifts in your audience, and staying engaged ourselves and through our companies, we can gain many insights as well.

5. Recruitment

Your content matters to job seekers and if you post on social accounts they do matter to them. LinkedIn is one of the best-recruiting tools out there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sources are also available for showing what the company culture is like and what they expect from you. It also helps sell candidates on their decision to join the organization or not.

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