Reasons Your Intimate Relationship Fail

Being in an intimate relationship can heal your body and mind like nobody else. There are times when you have a really secure relationship and both you and your partner are happy being a part of it. However, slowly and gradually things start to change as you feel that your intimate relationship starts fading. In this article, we look at the reason which results in the failure of your intimate relationship.

Lack of enthusiasm

While starting an intimate relationship, both the partners are quite enthusiastic, However, as the relationship grows older, the enthusiasm and energy fade. Both the partners start seeing the relationship as a burden and are always looking for ways to get away from it.

Lack of time and communication

One of the most important things in a relationship is balance. As time passes by, you start taking your relationship for granted and thus you pay less attention to your partner. There is also a lack of effort from your side as both of you devote less time to the relationship. With time, there is also a lack of communication. You become less excited about having long and deep conversations or spending some quality time.

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Lack of respect

Trust and Respect form the basis of any healthy and good relationship. Thus it is important for both partners to respect their partners. Lack of respect can be a major reason for the failure of an intimate relationship. Violation of boundaries can also be termed as a lack of respect towards your respect.

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