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If you have long been a user of Google Docs, Google Sheets, or any other various G Suite tools, you may be familiar with the tedious process of navigating to a document, sheet, form, or other file every time you need to start a new one.  Even still, Google has kindly eliminated this multi-step process with the announcement of its recently unveiled “.new” domains.

A new spreadsheet, for example, can be pulled up with the “.new” domain using the terms sheet, sheets, or spreadsheet. This efficient shortcut, which the company announced in a Thursday tweet, will allow users to quickly navigate to a new file of their choosing directly from their URL bar. But what’s particularly neat about this new feature is that Google also includes variations of the names of its tools.


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Ease and Simplicity.

Google has apparently tried to guess all the names you can come up with for creating a document. It’s also an interesting use of the browser, as it almost feels like a command shortcut. Here’s the full list of domains that can be used to pull up any of its productivity or collaboration tools:




Sites:, sites .new,

Slides:, deck .new,

Documents will be automatically saved to Drive in the account you’re logged in under, or if you’re not logged in (or in incognito mode) you’ll be sent to the Google Account login page to authenticate to your preferred account.

Also, this feature skips loading a whole webpage. Loading Google Drive is agonizing. There’s a lot of content to load, and it’s slow. On mobile connections, that saves data too. Internet speed is a factor as well. But all that no longer matters because it only takes the time to type doc .new now.


Previously, the method included users to navigate to the app they wanted to utilize and click on the “new” to begin a fresh app. However, the new time-saving process creates a new word document or spreadsheet by simply typing a keyword plus domain .new instantly from the browser address bar.

A savings of eight seconds may not seem like a whole lot. But if you use Google files frequently, that adds up. If you open one Google Doc every day of the year, this new method will save you about 49 minutes.

You can bookmark the domains to use as shortcuts to get to same blank document with a click. Creating a new Google Doc or Sheet has become easier. If you find yourself creating multiple Google Docs and Sheets every day, this hack can end up saving a ton of time throughout your day.

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