Relationship conflicts amid Covid-19? Here’s how you can make your bond stronger

People are under lock-downs and self-quaratines since weeks. Not being able to step out and seeing the same faces, the whole day, may be exhausting for some people.

Your relationship with your partner, or better half, may be be triggered. You both may end up fighting every single day

. And it is not something to wonder. People react to it differently, their frustration may be expressed by impoliteness and they may act annoyed.

So, how to keep your relationship healthy during this time?
If you look it in other ways, the time may be a blessing for your relationship. Earlier, you couldn’t spend so much time with one another. But now, you have the opportunity to make the most out of it.

So, why don’t you spend time with each other purely, without being distracted? When you give time to your partner, it makes them feel significant.

Engage yourself along with your partner, into activities like cooking, playing games or simply recalling memories. Talk to them about things that lead to conflicts, talk about times you have been together, overcoming challenges that came your way.

Avoid talking about complicated topics. Do not react immediately to their words and try to understand their point of view as well. Organise date night and engage in romantic activities.

Also, giving each other space is important. Do let them follow their hobbies and spend time with other family members or their work.

Following these simple tricks can help keep you actively engaged with them, with least possibilities of conflicts.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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