Remove your manicure at home in 3 easy steps

When Is it Time to Remove Gel Polish?
Although it is advisable to remove it every two weeks, However, to be on a safer side and follow precautions at the time of corona outbreak, we suggest you to leave it as it is, till the time it looks healthy.

Also, we recommends removing the gel immediately, as moisture and water can get trapped under the nail, and lead to possible infection. While peeling off the gel, everytime a layer of the nail goes along with it, even if you pry it off with a subway card.

Preparing the Nails
Before cutting the nails, you should ensure that you wash your bands with warm water and soap, it will help ease the process.

Also, get comfortable and sit in a place with adequate space and light. Now, start trimming your nails to your desired length and file down any remaining uneven edges. And finally, buff out the top layer of polish with a coarse file, since it will make the removal process a bit easier.

Soak and Relax
We suggest cutting down aluminium foil into small square pieces and dip a cotton wall in acetone. Now, wrap each of the nail with these foils to soften them.

Now, for the most important step: Relax! Take 10 minutes for yourself (and your nails), and by the time watch Netflix, or FaceTime a friend.

Remove the Polish

Pull the square foil from the fingernail with a twisting motion. Use a cuticle tool or small wood pick to gently push off the excess gel.

But remember to not force it: if the polish does not come off right away, you may need to rewrap the nail and allow the acetone to penetrate for a some more time. When all of the polish is removed, move a nail buffer over your set to make sure the surface is even.

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