How to Reset Your iPhone to the Factory Version?

Need to erase data from your iPhone? or Need to fix an issue? or Need to sell your iPhone?
Well if the answer to any one of this question is a ‘Yes’ then you need to factory reset your phone.

What happens when you factory reset your iPhone?

Many would possibly already know the consequences but for those who don’t, basically you lose all your data in this process. No music, apps, photos or any data – a complete erase.

You’ll be getting the initial version which is known as factory version. This is done mainly to sell your phone to another person without unleashing your personal data.

As mentioned earlier, you can also do this before giving your phone for a repair in order to safeguard your data.
Sometimes when your phone hangs and there is absolutely no way to fix it, then this conversion to the factory version can indeed be very helpful.

How to reset your iPhone to the Factory version?

Being an iPhone owner, you might find it extremely difficult to reset your phone. Hence, here is a simple step-by-step procedure which can easily help you.

Step 1) Back-up your data –

It is of utmost importance to have a back-up of your data because of the basic reason that your data is going to be erased. You can back it up in the following two ways –

  • Via iCloud – Go to Settings > Select iCloud > Go to Backup and Enable it.
  • Via iTunes – Plug your iPhone to your PC or Mac by using the charging cable > Select iPhone icon at the top left corner of iTunes > Select Backup in the summary screen > Click on Back Up Now. (Check the Encrypt iPhone Backup button for saving your credentials like passwords.)

Step 2) Disable Find My Phone / iCloud option –

If this option is turned ON then iOS would not allow the reset process to take place. It’s known as Activation Lock and was implemented to prevent theft. Hence, to disable it, do the following –

Go to Settings > Tap on your name at the top > iCloud > Find My Phone > Select Sign Out > Enter your password > Keep a copy of whatever you want.


Step 3) Restore the Factory Settings –

Settings menu (without your name at top) > General > Reset > Select Erase All Content and Settings (second option) > Click on Erase iPhone.

Now wait for few minutes. Once the factory reset is done, your iPhone would reboot to the Apple icon/Hello/Welcome screen.

iPhone Hello

And finally, there would be absolutely no data left on the phone.


  • This can be applicable to almost all iPhones and even iPads.
  • It is much safer to remove your SIM card as well to avoid copying of data when your iPhone switches on after rebooting.
  • If there is still no improvement then show your device to the nearest Apple store.

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