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Comment is something, which expresses your opinion on something. Comments can be appealing sometimes while other times it can be very disturbing. “Don’t read the comments” is still a piece of good advice.

Respondology has a solution for this!

What is Respondology?

Respondology started out by helping brands to find and respond to messages or comments on social media. It’s launching a Product called “The Mod” which aims towards putting an end to bullying over the remove Internet.

Putting end to cyberbullying is a big goal and Respondology isn’t trying to reach it immediately with its product The Mob, which allows individual brands and influencers to remove all toxic or spams comments on Instagram and YouTube by making them invisible to other followers.

Although some social platforms have built their own content moderation tools it is clear that it isn’t efficient and hence the problems remain unsolved. Relating to this Aaron Benor vice president of Sales said, “This is an agnostic tool. [Our customers] have complete choice and control. This is not the platform saying, ‘This is what we’re going to offer you’; this is what’s going to work for you as a creator.”

Benor also argued that while Facebook moderators spend most of their time dealing with “the worst of the worst,” Respondology’s team is mostly just approving innocuous commentary. Plus, they’re freelancers who only work when they want, and can stop at any time.


The Mob –

The product has two features of defense. Initially, there will be automatic keyword detection where a certain word will make a comment to be flagged and then the customer can filter out which categories they want to filter. The categories include mild or severe, sexual content, racism references and so on; and also the customers can see those flagged comments on their Respondology dashboard if they wish to.

Along with this, another level of defense is a network of around 1500 moderators built by the company, who look at all the comments, which are not flagged. So they can decide whether or not they are appropriate to post.

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There is also an option where multiple moderators vote on whether a comment should be kept or hidden for customers that want to be extra careful. It charges its customers based on the volume of comments the users get.

The price can vary from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. “Ultimately, the company is hoping to release a version for non-professional users too — so parents, for example, can automatically hide the worst comments from their kids’ online accounts.” Says the vice president of Sales Aaron Benor.

The Mod doesn’t just hide comments, though. If it detects remarks like the swarms of pedophilic comments recently discovered on YouTube, it will automatically report the account that left those comments, so YouTube or Instagram can then report that user to authorities.

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