Rich and Poor eat junk alike

A research study conducted recently shows that rich and poor people consume junk food a like.

Earlier it was believed that people belonging to lower class consume junk food. But now the research contrasts by revealing that there’s no connection between income or wealth and consumption of junk food at McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, and other fast-food establishments.
It was seen that people belonging to 40s and 50s who were at an age of gathering maximum wealth consumed more of junk food. It is argued that in a view to create food with higher shelf-life, the healthy elements have been removed from food.

People do not have time now, and so what they prefer is junk. People are so much in hurry and stress that they do not think of healthy food and only strive for comfort.
Junk provide them comfort. They use their smartphones while eating. Even the chairs they sit on, aren’t comfortable. So, what humans really want is comfort, that usually comes in the form of junk food.
“In addition to sweet, salty, and sour, the comfort tastes include bitter, astringent, and pungent, which are usually missing,” a source from research.

People from ancient times used to intake around 100gms of fiber a day. Buy today people are taking less than 20gms. It is especially true with Americans who are born with higher risk of heart attack due to their junk eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

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