Rich people drink more, but suffer less

Recent studies found our that rich people drink liquor more often than those from lower class.

Despite their heavy consumption, they are less likely to develop diseases. The lower income group, which generally drinks lesser, is more prone to suffer from diseases caused by drinking.

A research conducted in Europe concludes “More money, more alcohol.”
The same goes for US.

The survey results made it clear that people in Britain, Ireland, and Portugal drink more alcohol than citizens of the other European nations.

Why rich people drink more?

The most likely reason is found to be “accessibility”. Those who have resources to buy and outlet or shop near to their place, are more likely to drink.
People with less money or accessibility aren’t likely to drink frequently. Even increase in price will cause many to give up drinking or interested less number of people. Which is why, people with less resources drink less.

Many people drink, not because they like the way it feels, but more often because their life is hard and they want to make it lighter or cope with it by worrying less about it.

Why lower class is more prone to diseases?

The research found that even though the upper class drinks more, they are only at risk of developing mild alcohol use disorder (AUD).
The lower class, however, is more likely to develop severe AUD which is true alcoholism.
People with AUD cannot quit or control drinking.

Among the multiple reasons found for this include: The people might have been wealthy but their alcohole abuse might have brought them into the lower class bracket.

And the upper class can easily afford and access health care to reverse the effects of drinking. It can also compensate by increasing the intake of minerals and vitamins of which the alcohol caused depletion.
Which isn’t really possible for lower income people.

Does wealth guarantee health?

But, even resources can’t always prevent diseases to rich people.
It is found that women who drink one glass a day are 10% more likely to develop breast cancer than those who don’t.
Also, people who are on medications are likely to develop diseases due to harmful interaction.

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