Right Amount of Time to Spend on Your Phone

The phone is the one gadget which nobody can live without. But this is also the one because of which people waste a lot of time.  Even most of the people don’t have a clue how much time one should spend on the phone.

Some medical professionals and parents have raised their voice out of concerns about excessive use of smartphone which includes:

Altered brain chemistry (symptoms like depression and anxiety)
Decreased quality of real-life relationships
Hunched shoulders and other posture issues
Self-esteem issues
Vision problems

However, it’s up to us how much time we would want to waste on the phone. Here are a couple of options which people can consider.

Choose one day each in the weekend to leave the phone at home
Delete all social media apps
Disable push notifications
Limit yourself to use only during certain windows of the day
Practice verbalizing a reason why you’re checking the phone
Set the phone to grayscale
Keep the phone in a different room or far from arm’s reach

Once you will be used with these on a daily or weekly quota, tracking your daily smartphone use will become a key first step to control of your time. Even Silicon Valley giants develop screen time-management tools to help the users.

But tracking alone wouldn’t be enough as you might put your phone away after seeing a shocking number on the screen now but what will happen when the data would disappear after a week?

Although the social media platforms and mobile apps that take so much of our time might look simple enough, they are beneficial too as well as they are designed in such a way to get you hooked to it.

Stanford University Professor B.J. Fogg and one of his former students, Nir Eyal, have said that the brightest academic minds are behind all these. However, instead of blaming ourselves up for not having self-control, we need practical ways to control ourselves as well as the willpower is also needed.

Awareness of how much time you’re spending on your phone and commitment to being more intentional as well as tools to keep on track will help you form a better smartphone habit and also allow you to enjoy the technology without affecting the daily life.

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