Rihanna’s No-Makeup Make-up tutorial is out

Beauty Mogul Rihanna shared a ‘No-makeup’ makeup YouTube tutorial on April 26. She debuted a full makeup tutorial on YouTube that featured her newly released Fenty Beauty cream products.
In the video, Rihanna is donning some really stunning jewellery and heard saying “This is one of my favorite looks, and I have been rocking this for a minute now”.
The tutorial begins with her with already applied foundation , showcasing the Cheeks Out products in their full glory.
She told that these products can be applied any way one wants, just like one applies powder, directly with fingers or by brush(although she prefers using a brush). After warming-up her cheeck, she moved it closer to her forehead with ‘Hunnie Glaze’, a shade matching to her complexion and she jokes by saying “I really go in because I have a big forehead, so I have to go for it,”

The video is for those days we think to not-makeup and be more of ourselves but then these ‘no makeup’ makeup can make us look more ourselves but better with these effortless makeup products.

Then she adds the cream blush (in the shade ‘Petal Poppin’) and applies on to the apples of her cheeks to create a rosy flush look. And then adding the same to her jawline, making sure she doesn’t overdo.
While on the other side of the face, she uses
‘Summertime Wine’ shade just so show people , the versatality of the colors.

And, finally, she adds a bit of ‘Drama Clas$$’, which is a pretty purple shade. “What is purple going to look like on my cheek? It is not scary at all. It has such a sheer beautiful effect and works on every skin tone,” Rihanna says. “Don’t I look beach-ready … or booty-call ready?” Rih jokes once she has finished her cheeks

If you were considering not-applying makeup until lockdown ends, say thanks to Rihanna for this gift!

Go check out her full tutorial here-

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