Roadblocks in a Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationships seem very fascinating for far. However, it isn’t easy to maintain a long-distance relationship as it takes double the effort and time to make it work. There are times when you have to fight a battle with your mind to be in the relationship despite all the hardships. Let’s read this article to find out the roadblocks one might face in a Long Distance Relationship.

  • Lack of actions

The proverb “Action speaks louder than words” holds a great significance for a healthy relationship. Sometimes mere words are not enough, they need to be backed by actions. However, owing to the physical distance between the two of you, almost all action is impossible. Saying “I love you” n number of times will just become an empty bunch of words as the words can never convey the real importance of a person in your life.

  • Trust Issues

Cheating is a common affair in LDR as the need of being with someone in person outweighs the love you have for your significant other sitting miles away from you. Also, there is a constant fear in your mind regarding the loyalty of your partner which can mess your mind and life.

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  • Lack of physical touch

There are times when you just need to cuddle or hug your significant other to feel their warmth and love. The distance between the two of you will never allow you to show your love and affection through physical touches. This can result in disconnect and a lack of emotional connectivity in your relationship.

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