Rules of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are like plants. You have to nourish it with your love, care and time for it to prosper and flourish into something beautiful and wonderful. Though no arrangement is perfect, you can make it better with mutual love, understanding and trust. Below listed are the five golden rules of a healthy relationship.


  • Stay Faithful

Never ever cheat your partner. This is the worst mistake you can make while being in a relationship. No punishment or apology will be sufficient to make things back to normal. Be loyal to your partner. You should say whatever you feel without any hesitation or apprehensions.

  • Make them feel loved and wanted

Small gestures can do wonders for a healthy relationship. Your partner should feel secure, protected, respected, happy and free to be themselves in your presence. You should not make them feel unwanted by your actions or words.

  • Respect your partner

Mutual respect between the partners is very important for a good relationship. You should respect their ambitions, dreams, aims and beliefs.

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  • Give your time

In today’s world nothing is more costly than time. Thus, you should make sure that you spend enough time with your better half so that they don’t feel lonely. No gifts, messages or calls can suffice your physical presence with your partner in their both good and bad times.

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