Safest destinations for the female travellers going solo

The world has never been completely safe for women. Be it at work or traveling, we constantly feel the need of security and protection. We depend on our male friends or family members to be available for us to go on any vacations or trips but not anymore. The world is constantly changing and growing and a lot of places are now claiming to be completely safe for women travelers, even those who travel solo.

Rome, Italy

Rome is beautiful city with rich history and culture designed specifically keeping solo travellers in mind. It has plenty of cafes, museums and local bars. Like any other European city, Rome involves a lot of walking. You can indulge in all the ancient beauty of the city and feel empowered and inspired while walking on the street alone. Since Rome attracts a lot of solo travellers, you’re never really alone in the city.

Melbourne, Australia

The cultural capital of Australia is indeed the safest city to visit for female solo travellers in the country. The city praised for its amazing food, music and artistic culture is absolutely safe for women to discover on their own; even at night. Melbourne has a lot of offer and is a hot city to party and experience new cultures and has plenty of museums, galleries, parks and bars. The city’s transportation system makes it very convenient to travel within the city and the fact that it is an English speaking country helps a lot with communication and makes it more tourist friendly.


This tiny island city-state is advanced is so many ways. Be it cleanliness or security, Singapore has been setting some standards for other countries. This place is as diverse as it gets and has activities for everyone to do, no matter what interests you. It is particularly famous among female solo travellers because of the sense of security it provides. The crime rate is very low and you may often find women walking around even in the middle of the night without any fear. That is because the country has the strictest of laws. But it doesn’t just attract the women because its safe. Singapore offers various experiences and shows off its rich culture and heritage in the minimum space it occupies. It has beautiful zoos, gardens and beaches for you to forget the world.

New York City, New York

New York is anyway on any traveler’s list as it has a lot to offer. Be it fashion displays, shopping, music, food, theatre or any other art form, this city gives the best experience to its travellers. What makes it even more amazing is that it’s safe for women who want to explore the fashion capital on their own. There is something for everyone. It is known for its restaurants that offer cuisines from all parts of the world. Although because the city is too crowded almost all the time, it is easier to lose your way. So it is advisable to keep checking the city’s map and also stay away from the high crime areas.

Its not limited to just these cities but there are plenty of more cities’ you can travel solo to. And if you’re cautious enough, you can travel anywhere. So now you can stop waiting for someone to accompany you for that vacation you always wanted and take off on your own.

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