Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Keynote-Major Hints

We all knew that something massive is going to be unveiled when Samsung announced its Galaxy Note 10 series release. But there were two shockers; one – the Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Under Armour Edition and the other being the Gear VR headset’s compatibility importance. Here is more knowledge about both these news.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Under Armour Edition

During Samsung’s Note 10 keynote, it revealed a third version of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 it recently released: a special edition of the watch made in partnership with Under Armour. It will come in a version that supports a Bluetooth connection to your phone; but not LTE — and is $30 more than the regular edition at $309. Samsung says that it will come with preloaded software that integrates with Under Armour’s fitness ecosystem.

It will have Under Armour’s MapMyRun app built in, which, like other fitness apps, lets you track your runs on a map. Samsung is also tossing in six months of membership to UA’s MVP version of MapMyRun, normally a $6 a month cost. It should also pair directly with Under Armour’s connected HOVR shoes, if you want to track yet more data about your runs. The HOVR connection is exclusive to this edition of the watch.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a small but important update to a smartwatch Samsung had released earlier this year. Samsung added a touch-sensitive bezel to the ring around the screen, which makes navigating its Tizen operating system much easier. Samsung also updated the materials to make it feel a little more premium; presumably the Under Armour edition takes that a little further.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also has an improved heart rate monitor compared to its predecessor, according to Samsung. ECG capabilities are built in, but won’t be active at launch. All three versions are expected to be available in late September.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Useless without Gear VR headset –

Samsung’s also announced that Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are “not compatible” with Gear VR, the company’s virtual reality headset that works only with a phone slotted in front of the lenses, Samsung confirms to The Verge following an earlier report by tech analyst Anshel Sag. The decision to shut off support for its headset on its newest flagship phones casts doubt on the future of both the Gear VR and other headsets that use phones as their screen and processor, as standalone devices with built-in displays like the Oculus Quest are on the rise.

”We remain committed to innovating in VR and AR to deliver incredible new experiences to our consumers,” Samsung tells The Verge.

Samsung didn’t mention Gear VR once during its Unpacked event, and it hasn’t updated the headset since 2017. The most recent phones to support it were all four of the Galaxy S10 phone models announced in February; but only via an adapter. (The same was true of last year’s Galaxy Note 9.) The Gear VR still has a on Samsung’s store, but it doesn’t seem to be available for purchase there anymore. You can still purchase it on Amazon for $99.99.

But with Gear VR not being compatible with Samsung’s newest flagship phone, and with Google announcing in May that the Pixel 3A wouldn’t support Android’s built-in Daydream platform, it’s hard not to think that phone-based VR may be on the decline.

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