Saoirse Ronan On Beauty, Red Carpet, And Womanhood

Saoirse Ronan is an award-winning Irish-American actress who is known for acting in period dramas. Having started out as a child actor, she has worked in films such as Violet & Daisy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Lady Bird, Little Women, and many more.

If you’re confused about how to correctly pronounce her name, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It is pronounced sur-sha.

Vogue spoke to Saoirse Ronan about working with Calvin Klein and more.

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“I use an oil cleanser by Tatcha – they come in these beautiful boxes, which I love. So I use that in the morning and at night. Then I use a bit of vitamin C serum and a moisturiser – I like Aesop. And that’s it.”


“There’s this spa in LA called Tomoko spa. It’s Japanese, it’s the best spa I’ve ever been to. It’s in Beverly Hills, on Beverly, and whenever I’m in LA I go there. It’s amazing, you get a little mochi afterwards, you can get sushi there… I’ll usually go for a Japanese massage. You get a Japanese woman who’s basically on your back, stretching you, it feels incredible. I took my mam there the last time and she’s not into massages. She was in the other room and the woman was on my back and I was like: oh boy, she’s not going to like this. And she actually loved it. I love that place.”


“I don’t wear a lot of make-up when I’m not at work. The only bit of make-up I use every day is concealer, under my eyes. I use By Terry, the stick one. That’s really good. I might wear a tiny bit of Chanel foundation – Perfection Lumière Velvet – because I get really oily skin. And then if I’m feeling foxy, red lipstick. The classic Chanel rouge. I like Nars’s reds as well. I don’t really use anything on my eyes anymore.”

Saoirse Ronan On Beauty, Red Carpet, And Womanhood


“It’s always more fun when you’ve got a friend with you because then you can have a bit of craic. And you sort of have to take it for what it is. It’s a very surreal thing to be a part of, it’s not normal. For one person to get that much attention is quite extreme. But if you can just switch off that part of your brain you just go with it. I do have my people I use for hair and make-up and they’re the best, they’re very good at chilling everything out beforehand. You can get very stressed, it can escalate very quickly. I have [stylist] Elizabeth Saltzman who is the mama of all this stuff, she always chills me out. She has such a good understanding of the whole process.”


“I did love all the Lady Bird looks actually. But Mary Queen of Scots was probably the most fun. We had gowns made out of denim and all of my stuff was chainmail and wood and metal… not that many jewels. It was all very cool. I actually quite liked wearing a corset, funnily enough. They made them especially for us. It was one of those films where you do feel quite empowered wearing the clothes. The costume designer was Alex Byrne and she was brilliant. She put me in wedged shoes because Mary was about six foot one, so I felt very powerful having that height. It gives you a bit of a strut.”


“Womanhood, I suppose, is about being as authentic and honest with yourself as you can be and not being tied down by what the idea of womanhood is to other people. Not trying to fit into the moulds others have created. It’s an ongoing journey to figure out who you are as a person and womanhood is a huge part of that, but you also have to create your own version of it.”


“Greta Gerwig really inspires me. A lot of the women I did the awards circuit with actually, like Fran McDormand. She’s so fantastic. Meryl [Streep], obviously. Cate Blanchett as well. But Greta I really think has become a very, very important person for a lot of young people including myself.”

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Saoirse Ronan On Beauty, Red Carpet, And Womanhood


“I liked how much of a collaboration it was. It was quite cool to have a discussion with Anne Collier [the artist who worked on the project] and the Calvin team ahead of time about what we’d do on the day of the commercial. I don’t remember ever seeing this in a fragrance campaign before – watching women work, watching them be creative and watching them be in their own world. And it doesn’t have to be about anyone or anything else, just their own creativity. I was excited by that and also I kind of had an emotional connection to Calvin because for the last couple of years I’ve worn Calvin Klein to both of the Oscars I’ve been to and they’ve been such a big part of these two massive moments for me. To be able to take part and for it to be Raf’s first fragrance is really exciting to me.”


“I think for me the most important thing is always just to play a person who’s really interesting. And genuinely, if a character had come to me who was written as a boy, if I found it interesting and thought it would be a challenge to play I’d want to play it. So the best approach for me is to take gender out of it and look at the person and how the person is written and what makes up their personality. When I was a teenager especially there were no roles like Lady Bird, there just weren’t. And the fact I only got to play a part like that when I was 22 is saying something. The only things out there were the girlfriend, the sister, the receptionist. And I was like, I don’t want to do that, because they were so underwritten. I hope that’s something that’s starting to change now.”

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