Gone are the days when our tables used to get clamped with the desktop system on it. The wires oozing out of the CPU to the computer system, the keyboard, the mouse – OH SUCH A MESS. Gone are those days where using a computer system meant, following a whole procedure to switch it on. The process inclusive of cleaning the table because well, the table was required by our system. Little did we know that with advancement of time, we could get the gift of space. Time and again, revelations are made about computer system decreasing in size to save space. From huge computers, to mini ones, to laptops and tabs, we’ve seen it all.

Can we think of anything else to mark yet another achievement of the man kind? Probably not, but Samsung has broken all bounds and has come out with yet another amazing state-of-the-art product. A product that saves you from clamped up spaces. Practically speaking, it saves you (from cleaning the tables) and your space! With the Annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening in a few days, oodles of products are listed, inclusive of these Space-Saving Monitors by Samsung.


Samsung’s Space Innovation- a gift to save space!

The monitor designed by Samsung is so curated that can sit at the side of the table or your desk and not fall! This initiative not only saves you from investing in a desk that caters to your desktop space, but also saves you from making space, especially for the monitor. Like this, you can make room for all your other things that could rest on your desk. For the monitor to be rested against the wall, you don’t even to mount holes on the wall for it to get fixed. The structure of the product is such that, it has a tad flexible arm that positions the monitor as per our convenience.

The cables used by the monitor can be attached from the back side of the monitor. With the wires not cluttering the spaces in the desk. The monitor ends up giving a very appealing look over all. The monitor stand merges into its slim bezel when it is positioned towards the wall. With the functionalities like these, Samsung surely has proceeded towards the era of saving spaces through technology.

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The features of this Space Innovation

News has it that Samsung will launch two Space Monitors. First a 27-inch QHD Model, priced at $399. Second, a 2-inch UHD(4K) Model priced at $499. The prices are subjected according to the Company’s pre-order page. Amazon suggests that the Monitors will be relased around 23rd of February. The monitor also supports a 360 degree rotation that enables its user to enjoy the monitor through any situation. The Zero level HAS (Height Adjustable Stand) enables the monitor to quickly adjust through any positioning, high or low. Along with the technicalities, Samsung has attempted to create a very aesthetic look of the product, complying with the modern era. So let’s not wait any further and head to make this product a part of our lives and save that space we wanted to!

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