Save the Elephant Day 2021 Quotes and Messages

April 16 marks Save the Elephant Day. Save the Elephant Day is celebrated to create awareness regarding the rapid extinction of elephants from Planet Earth. Read this article to find out some of the heartwarming quotes related to the occasion of Save the Elephant Day.

“Let us not take away the pleasure from our kids to see, to play, and to love elephants…. Let us save them.”

“If elephants go extinct from Earth then only humans will be responsible for this monstrous act…. Don’t let that happen.”

“There is still time and we can still save elephants to keep this Earth a planet full of these cute and adorable creatures.”

“They are big and cute, beautiful and valuable, important and must for our survival…. Warm wishes on World Elephant Day.”

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“On the occasion of World Elephant Day, let us promise to show humanity towards these cute and adorable animals which are a gift from Nature to humans.”

“We are responsible for they are standing at the point when they can extinct and we must take the responsibility to save them…. Happy World Elephant Day.”

“Let us work hard so that we don’t become the reason for their extinction from the planet…. Warm wishes on World Elephant Day.”

“Let us become the reason for their happiness and good lives and not the reason for their extinction…. Save elephants!!!”

“Elephants have been the dearest animal to all kids and must be saved.”

“Save elephants to save this world.”

“World will certainly be a better place to live with elephants around us.”

“They are so full of love and affection and we need them… Save elephants!!!”

“Elephants are just to be loved and pampered.”

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