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By now, we all have an idea, that one of the most successful and ever-growing social media platform has been Instagram. Among the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat, many statistics clearly show that the users have shown more growth towards Instagram.

Till date Instagram has more than 800 million active users and this crowd doesn’t just include teenagers. The crowd also includes adults, parents, celebrities, and the list goes on.
In order to grab more and more attention, the founders (along with Facebook since they acquired Instagram) tend to bring in various new features for their users as well as to attract new users.

To find out all about Instagram, just click here and here.

To find out about the exciting new feature of Instagram, just click here.

It is quite obvious that everyone wants to try out all that there is about Instagram. But due to our busy daily schedule, even the active users are not able to post at the right time. That is, even if the active users want to post regularly they tend to miss out due to the absence of an option known as ‘Scheduling posts’.

The solution to this problem – Planagram.

What is Planagram?

Instagram somehow provides its own level of competition. No, this is not one of those competitions which gives out prizes. Rather this is a simple competition based on human nature, where the users tend to compete over the most number of likes, comments, views, etc.
It might sound a bit stupid, but if you think from an Instagrammer’s point of view, it sure means a lot.Planagram logo for Instagram scheduling

Most of the users manage to post at the end of the day, since they aren’t able to post during work hours. But this becomes too late because as we all know, Instagram has a timeline-based feed. Hence your followers, who wake up in the morning to check their feed, would have to scroll all the way down to check out your post. Do you think they would have that much time and patience? Absolutely NO.

Imagine a scenario wherein you could schedule all your posts – including photos, albums (up to 10 images), videos and even stories – to a certain date or time such that it gets more number of views.

Planagram does exactly that. All the scheduling work is done by you and Planagram automatically uploads your posts/stories according to the schedule.

  • It allows you to set reminders.
  • It is secure.
  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • It is time-saving.
  • It’s integrated with Dropbox, hence content is in an orderly manner.
  • It’s also cost effective with the help of TheNextWeb.
    Planagram’s basic pricing starts from $7/month but with TheNextWeb’s deal you are eligible to purchase a lifetime subscription at just $49, which otherwise would have been almost $3,000.

Make the most out of this offer and enjoy this smart way of posting on Instagram.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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