Self Promises To Never Break

In this modern era one thing in which you should never compromise is your self respect. Never ever let someone demean you. You should always be firm on your morals and values and should never indulge in something your heart doesn’t approve. You should always remember that others will respect you only when you respect yourself, your opinions and your morals.


Here are a few self promises that you should not break in any circumstances.

  • Never trust only actions

However cliche it may sound but it is actually true that action speaks louder than words. It doesn’t take even a single second for someone to make a promise or commitment. But the real honesty of a person is tested when he/she does exactly what they say. So you should make it a rule to never trust someone completely until they prove themselves by bringing their words to life.

  • Never give false hopes to someone who loves you

Nothing can be more disheartening than being backstabbed by your loved ones. Thus you should never make fake promises or give false hopes just to enjoy the immediate pleasure it will offer. Trust me when I say this that it hurts like hell. And you should always remember that Karma is a Bitch.

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  • Stop being emotional all the time

Venting your emotions out is always a good idea as it helps you feel relaxed. But you should be aware of where you are and with whom you are before showing your emotional or vulnerable side. Not everybody who is being nice to you is your friend and you should always remember that.

  • Always keep a check on your words

You should wisely choose what to speak and when to speak as words once spoken can’t be taken back. The saying, ‘Tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break a heart’ is absolutely true. Be patient while conversing with both your closed ones or strangers. Make sure that you don’t reach a point of irreplaceable damage.

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