‘Serious cyber-attack’ takes place on Austria’s foreign ministry

A cyber-attack has targeted Austria’s foreign ministry that is suspected to have been conducted by another country recently. The ministry also said that the seriousness of the attack said it might have been carried out by a “state actor”.

The hack took place on Saturday night and experts warned it could continue for several days as well. The breach happened on the same day Austria’s Green party-backed which formed a coalition with conservatives. Moreover, it was recognised very quickly and countermeasures were also taken immediately, the foreign ministry shared in a statement.

“Despite all intensive security measures, there is never 100% protection against cyber-attacks,” the ministry added. It further added that the services such as its information system for travellers will be available and the official website of the ministry was also made accessible on Sunday itself.

Last year the EU adopted powers to punish the outsiders who launch cyber-attacks that create a hurdle for hospitals and banks, sway elections and steal company secrets or funds as well.


The ministry further added, “In the past, other European countries have been the target of similar attacks.” One such example is when the German government’s computer networks were hacked by APT28, a Russia-backed hacker group. The isolated attack was targeted at Germany’s foreign and defence ministries with an intention to steal data from it.

A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry shared that the situation was brought under control and appropriate measures were taken too to investigate the incident and protect the important data within the federal administration. This was experienced in March 2018.

However, this was not the first time APT28 has been involved with a cyber-attack on the German government. The infamous group was accused of carrying an attack on the German Parliament way back in 2015. It has also carried out notorious attacks on several entities in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world as well.

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