Shortcomings of Python Programming Language

Python is very popular among the new-age developers owing to its being free, easy, interpreted, object-oriented, extensible, embeddable, portable, and readable. However, just like any other development, Python too has its own disadvantages and shortcomings.

Underdeveloped Database Access Layers

As compared to popular technologies like JDBC and ODBC, Python’s database access layer is a bit underdeveloped and primitive. This means that the language can’t be applied in the enterprises that interact with loads of complex data on a daily basis.


Speed Limitations

Python works on an interpreter instead of a compiler. This means that the code is executed line by line which causes it to slow down. This can be a major disadvantage for the projects that need high-speed execution of their code.

Run-time errors

This modern-day programming language is dynamically-typed. Thus, you don’t need to declare the data type of your variable while writing the code. It uses the concept of duck-typing. However, it can cause many design restrictions for programmers. Though it is easy on the programmers during coding, it can raise run-time errors. Also, the language requires more testing time when compared to others.

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Too simple

Though this might sound funny, it is actually true that the easy syntax of Python is its disadvantage. The Python programmers become so accustomed to its features and its extensive libraries that they face problems while learning the syntaxes of other languages. Python experts may see the declaring of cast “values” or variable “types”, syntactic requirements of adding curly braces or semicolons as an onerous task.

Weak in Mobile Computing

Python has made its presence on a lot of server-side platforms but it is rarely seen on client-side platforms. Also, the app developers rarely use this language for making smartphone-based applications as it isn’t very secure. Carbonnelle is an example of one such mobile application that is built on Python.


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