Should I sanitize everything in my home?

You might be overwhelmed and confused on whether to clean groceries and parcels with disinfectants or not, and how to disinfect the complete home.

Corona pandemic has spread to such an extent that our concern is obvious. And the internet and WhatsApp University is floated with a number of fake news and preventions. So here we are making it clean to you:

1- Groceries
Groceries (whether perishable or non-perishable), do not require disinfectant, and in fact using it may turn it unfit for consumption. Also, no soap should be applied. There are least chances of transmission of the virus through edibles. However, you should ensure that you wash it with plain water, and wash your hands well with soap water or santise it.
The chances or spreading increases when you are in contact with people, so if choosing to go and buy, maintain atleast 6 feet distance from people present there.

2- Food Packets
The risk on dining in restaurant is really high. And so, the seating facilites have been ceased at almost all affected places. However, the food delivery is still open for people. But, you need to follow measures to avoid delivery with the person. If the app offers options like contactless delivery, go for it. Pay in advance , or if not possible, keep it in an envelope safely outside your place and give instructions to the delivery boy. Also, do not forget to tip him well!!
You don’t really need to worry about the food, what you need to is to keep the food on shelf instead of table and empty it in a bowl and wash your hands well.

3- Parcels and Packages
The virus is spread mainly by direct contact with the infected individuals or by the droplets spread from mouth. The chances of transmitting and staying on surfaces such as parcels and packages isn’t high. All you need to keep in mind is to maintain gap with the person and wash your hands really well after opening it and discarding its packaging.

So, we suggest you to maintain social distancing and not disinfecting each and everything of your house. However, objects or places of high-touch zone including doors, flush button, switch lights and handles should be sanitized as these are often touched by almost everyone.

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