Should I start a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is the most popular video platform wherein most of us spend hours streaming. While many of us even think of starting a channel and do so without even realising the purpose and commitment and eventually fail. If you are someone who’s currently occupied with the same thought of whether you should become a YouTube, you must consider the things stated below:

1. Purpose
Before you move ahead, you must have some real purpose in your head that drives your journey forward. It can be sharing unbiased news, broadcasting episodes or sharing information about certain things, and in fact anything. But you can simply not start without knowing what your channel is going to be about.

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2. Frequency
You must also consider the time period after which you will post be posting videos. It can be everyday, one in every two days or even weekly. This should depend on the type of content you will be producing and of course your availability. But there certainly must be a regularity.

3. Responsibilities
It is not just about making a video and posting. It is actually a lot more. From shooting to content creation to editing and designing to posting and promoting, it includes everything. So, are you ready for the commitment, will you be able to manage everything or would you require a team?

4. Promotion
There’s no use of uploading videos if no one watches, isn’t it? To make your channel popular, you must work on advertising or promoting it through digital campaigns and social media.

5. Monetization
Some people start channel with an objective to earn, but they aren’t clear about policies. So let me make it clear for you, you can activate adsense only after having 1k followers and a specified hours- views. So, do you have enough patience to work consistently without any returns for this period?

Now, it’s you who can decide better, yeah?

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Aastha Kochar

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