Every individual has body hair, while some may have more, others may have less. How much of body hair an individual would have depends on various factors like genetics, hormones, geographical location etc.

In general, men have more body hair than women due to the hormone testosterone. In some cases, particularly in women with PCOS, the testosterone hormone is found in higher quantities, thereby producing more body hair in them.

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In general, women are expected to remove their body hair to feel comfortable in the society and removing hair is a matter of choice for men. Some women themselves feel comfortable without hair, but some are forced to wax or shave to be acceptable as per the societal norms. As soon as they reach their adolescence, they are taught by their moms and other elderly ones to remove their underarm hairs, upper lips, shave their arms and legs and even their peers make them feel so.

However, in the recent times, there has been some activism and feminism that has raised concerns over this and chose to showcase their body hair and make women feel comfortable about it.

Even in my view, removing body hair should undoubtedly be the matter of an individual, and not be driven by the society’s thoughts and expectations because it should hardly affect anybody whether or not we live with our hair. If removing it makes us feel more comfortable or hygienic, we shouldn’t be concerned about those who say we shouldn’t. But it we don’t feel like removing it, we should be least concerned about what people think of our hair.

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