Should You Remove Your Pubic Hair?

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not you should remove your pubic hair. Some say removing pubic hair is mandatory to maintain cleanliness while others say removing it can increase the chances of infections.

So what is the truth?
Well, removing pubic hair is a personal choice or a matter of preference but there are some studies that have revealed that removing pubic hair can increase the chances of getting STDs or catching bacterias during intercourse.

We’ve got hair down there and it may be less or more, depending on individual. But there’s a reason for those hair. Pubic hair reduces fiction during intercourse, which not just prevents the genital bacteria from being exchanged but also helps arouse feelings.

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So, why do people remove pubic hair?
There are multiple reasons behind it, based on individual. But the most common reasons for which people remove pubic hair are:

1. To look aesthetically pleasing

The media that we consume, especially porn videos promote the idea of hairless = beautiful and thus many people, mostly women believe that removing it will make them look more pleasing.

2. For hygiene

And as per Healthline, some studies have indicated that there’s no benefit of removing pubic hair. In order to maintain hygiene, just basic washing of hair everyday is enough. In case you remove for this reason, you must know that even chopping off your hair would work.

3. To feel confident

For some, removing pubic hair is just a way of getting gratification, feeling confident and more secure about their bodies

4. For partner

Some, especially women argue that their partners are more comfortable with their hair being removed and so they do remove it.

Whether or not you want to remove your hair, is a matter of choice and you should go with what makes you feel comfortable.

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