A bra is considered to be the support system for a woman. Most women wear bra throughout the day at their workplace and take it off while sleeping. But some do sleep wearing it. So, should you wear a bra while sleeping or is it going to affect your health negatively? Read to know.

Why women wear bra?

A bra is worn to hold and support the growth of breasts in women. It is also helpful in giving a pleasant shape to women’s body.


Why women take off bra at bed?

It is difficult to wear a bra, the entire day (especially when it is tight). Taking off bra and wearing loose clothes after returning to home from work, gives a sense of relaxation and makes most women feel comfortable and stress-free.

Is it okay to not wear bra at night?
There have been various opinions about it. Some say it is totally alright, while others say it can spoil the shape, some say women must not wear bra while sleeping.

However, there’s no fixed rule for that. It is actually fine to not wear it at night to feel comfortable, it won’t affect your breast shape.

On contrary, wearing a bra even at night can restrict the circulation of blood and thus cause issues. This is true especially for tight-fitting bras. There have been some rumours that wearing a bra at night can cause cancer. It doesn’t have any such evidence. However, it is adviced to avoid under wire bras at night and go for loose – fitting ones.

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