Signs he misses you badly

No matter how old your relationship is, you are likely to miss each other if you are serious about your relationship. But is it that you often feel your boyfriend doesn’t miss you or loves you? May be you are wrong.

Following are some signs you will find, if he misses you:

1. Initiates conversation
If it is he who mostly initiates the conversation, then he definitely misses you a lot. By this we mean, he will be the one who sends you message first. Also, he will try to make conversations longer by introducing new topics.

2. Replies instantly
May be you are busy and reply him in an hour, but if he replies you within minutes , he is holding his phone and waiting for your reply. You may not agree, but it is true. You are his priority and he cannot avoid you.

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3. Social media
Do you notice he comments on your pictures frequently? Or tags you in memes and romantic posts, it is because he cannot wait for the time you get free or text him, he loves seeing your pictures and interacting with you even when you aren’t there.

4. Video calls
He is in college or office, but still chooses to video call you because he wants to stay connected to you. He wants to talk to you even when he is busy. And above all, just watching you do your tasks matters so much to him, that he chooses to keep the call on mute if any of you are busy.

Yes! Agree or not, he misses you!

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