Signs of a Healthy Relationship

It is important to have a healthy relationship for the good mental health of all the individuals involved. By relationships, we don’t necessarily mean a love affair, it can be any relationship that you share with friends, your parents, siblings, relatives, and teammates. No matter the nature of the relationship, it is important that both the individuals involved try to keep their relation away from any kind of toxicity.


Being in a relationship means that you like the other person for who they are. If you are accepting them in your life, then it also means that you are accepting their hobbies and interests too. Help your partner in maintaining their individuality by motivating them to do what excites them and makes them happy. It is important for both the partners to function together but not at the cost of their individuality.

Hones Communication

There should be no hesitation between you and your partner. Both of you should be open to communication, feedback, constructive criticism, and reviews.  One thing that is more important than communication is honesty. There is no meaning to any kind of communication if you both can’t be honest. Lies and dishonesty don’t have any place in a relationship as it just hampers the peace of both people.

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Another important aspect of a healthy and good relationship is acceptance. You shouldn’t form a relation with the motive of changing your partner. Instead, you should accept them with all their flaws and weak points. This doesn’t mean that you can’t inspire them to become a better version of themselves. Howver, the change shouldn’t be forced as they do it with their own will and not under your pressure. Never make the blunder of trying to mold your partner the way you want to.

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