Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

Being in a one-sided relationship can be extremely tough. No matter how much you try to assure yourself that you have a loving and caring partner, deep down you know the truth but just don’t want to accept the truth. A one-sided affair can bring up a lot of trauma and mental stress for the person who is completely involved in that particular relationship. Read this article, to find out if you are also in a one-sided relationship.


One of the key ways of identifying the one-sided relationship is lack of communication. If you are the only one to initiate every conversation and your significant other hardly interacts or looks least interested, it is time for you to move on and carry out a detailed analysis of your relationship.

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If the other person isn’t equally involved in the relationship, you will feel it while indulging in physical intimacy. The person who isn’t interested in a relationship likes to keep the physical intimacy to a minimum and you will hardly see them initiating any kind of thing. It will always be you who is taking the first step and is anchoring your love affair.


There is no longer mutual trust or respect present in your relationship. Both of you are always doubting each other or don’t understand each other’s thought process anymore. Adding to the misery, if you always feel like you the culprit of everything going wrong in your relationship and are always trying to mend the bond by apologizing for every petty issue.

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