Signs of a Toxic Relationship

A perfect relationship is a myth, however at the same time being with your better half should make you feel secure, protected, respected, happy and free to be yourself in the purest form. But the same is not the case with a toxic relationship. It can really harm your mental health and make you feel vulnerable. A toxic relationship will give you nothing but the feeling of being drained, depleted or sometimes even distraught. 

Though there is no particular definition of a toxic relationship, you can certainly notice the red flags to keep your soul protected. Here are some signs to help you recognize a toxic relationship. 

Toxic Relationship

  • You are undervalued 

Mutual respect is the first requirement of a healthy relationship. However, if you are in a toxic relationship, there are chances that your partner always tries to ridicule or demean your actions or ambitions. 

  • It’s all about them 

A relationship is about two people and not just one. If your choices , needs whether emotional or physical are being ignored continuously then this is definitely not a good sign. Yours or their actions should not always centre around them. 

  • Feeling Drained 

If instead of feeling happy and productive, you’re always mentally and emotionally and even physically drained, it’s time for a re-evaluation. Also, any relationship in which you experience only withdrawals of energy and not deposits will leave you drained emotionally and physically. 

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  • Abuse 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is involved in violence. Even the emotional abuse counts and you should not let anyone make you feel vulnerable. An emotional abuse is way more taxing and traumatic than physical violence as it leaves you completely hollow from inside. 

  • Anger 

An hostile environment is definitely a sign of an unhealthy or a toxic relationship. You should never be around someone who is constantly angry or gives you negative vibes because it makes you feel unsafe. 

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