Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Being in a toxic relationship is very harmful to your mental being. It can leave you depressed and upset for life. In this article, we have discussed a few signs that suggest that you are in a toxic relationship and you need to find your way out of it as soon as possible.

There is an imbalance of power

While entering any relationship, you should be quite clear with the idea of equality. Both you and your partner should have equal say in all things and both should hold equal power over each other and the relationship.  One of the most prominent signs of any toxic relationship is an imbalance of power. This means that one person holds all the power to make decisions while the other person is just like a puppet.

They are controlling

You can easily conclude that you are in a toxic relationship if your partner is too controlling and dominating. Bu controlling means that you have the right to make your own decisions or choices as you do everything according to the wishes of your significant other. Also, there are several restrictions imposed upon you regarding what to talk about, with whom to talk, what to wear, etc.

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You don’t do anything for yourself

While being in the relationship, you have forgotten the idea of self-love and self-care. The only thought which is there in your mind is to please your partner and do everything according to their wishes and liking. While there is nothing wrong in doing something that your partner likes, you shouldn’t completely mold yourself for them. You should always take out time for your own self and should spend some time doing activities that you love.

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