4 Signs of a toxic relationship

Many people are into a toxic relationship but often confuse it to be love. A toxic relationship may make you feel suffocated and you may want to break up but you eventually decide to stay. Following are some signs of a toxic relationship:

1. Restrictions
If you are in a toxic relationship, a common sign is that you are being restricted from doing what you like. Whether it be with your clothing, living, or hanging out. Remember, no one has the right to restrict you from living your life.


2. Abuse
Abuse isn’t just in verbal form but also physical and emotional. In a toxic relationship, you are more likely to be abused. But think, is your relationship or partner more important than your self-esteem?


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3. Losing own self
Yes, in a toxic relationship, you may be sacrificing or giving up so much that you lose your own self. It may come in the form that you have stopped enjoying your life by adapting your life as per your partner.


4. Dominance
In a toxic relationship, one partner is likely to be more dominant than the other. This dominance may come in a way that your decisions are likely to depend on their mood, behavior, or their decisions. Do you really want to be dominated? If so, please continue living.

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