Signs of a Toxic Sibling

Siblings are the most cherished parts of our childhood. They are our first best friends. Siblings make life easy and fun just by being themselves. However, the experience of living with a brother or sister is not the same for everyone. In this article, let’s discuss some of the signs of a toxic sibling.


They are always talking about your past


A toxic sibling will always try to guilt-trip you. They will constantly remind you of your past mistakes. Such people never let you move on in life. They often try to pull you down and lower your confidence by talking about your past failures.


They play the victim card


A toxic sibling will always try to mold each and every situation in their favor. They always make sure that they are seen as a victim in every situation. They dismiss your feelings and are just full of themselves. You will always see them as someone taking all your credit and in return giving you all the blame.


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They speak ill about you


If your sibling is toxic, you will always find them speaking badly about you. They don’t have anything good to speak about you. They always try to downgrade you in front of your friends and family. Your toxic sibling is always ready to share embarrassing stories in front of strangers. They often try to jeopardize your relationship with others.



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