Signs of being into a relationship just to overcome loneliness

Relationship is a bond with immense feelings for each other. A relationship can only be successful if both the partners are loyal and truly committed to each other.

Ideally, we should get into a relationship if we fell in love with the person, and are ready to commit ourselves.

However, many people enter into a relationship just because they feel lonely being single. They aren’t ready to accept the other person, but cannot afford to live without them since they want someone to be with.

Such relationships, after a while can end up being slow poison instead of a romantic fairy tale.

Following are some of the signs that can help you know if you are in a relationship just to overcome your loneliness:

1- You cannot enjoy without them
If you are someone who feels lonely whenever your significant other isn’t around you, it may be problematic. A healthy relationship doesn’t make one feel alone if the other is busy some where else. You need to accept that time and space is important.
You shouldn’t depend on anyone for your happiness.

2- Over- possessiveness
Little possessiveness is normal in any serious relationship. But, if you have become over-possessive for your partner and cannot see them with any other person of opposite sex, it can be dangerous for your relationship.  You cannot rule their life and you aren’t the only person in their life. Friends and acquaintances should be given due importance too.

3- Tolerance
If you tolerate abusive behaviour of your partner, or over possessive and rule on your life, and any kind of mental torture, but still you cannot leave them and get back to them even after being neglected, then you are into it just to overcome your loneliness.

4- Relationship is everything
If you consider your relationship and everything or the biggest achievement of your life, and your partner as someone you cannot imagine to live, then you need to reconsider it.  Don’t let your partner or relationship define you. Do not do everything to please your partner or by blackmailing him to be with you forever.

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