Signs of Emotional Self Harm

Most of us are familiar with the concept of self harm and how it is unhealthy for ourselves. Apart from self-harm, there is one thing that is dangerous for our health and needs to be brought into the limelight. Emotional self harm is nothing that people indulge in consciously or unconsciously.  Emotional self harm is typically associated with harming our own’s mental or emotional being. In this article, we have curated various articles thought which human beings harm their emotional self on daily basis.


One of the biggest mistakes that human beings do is assuming that other people know what they want. You need to speak out your thoughts and needs. You can’s just let go of a  topic assuming that the people concerned know about your issues and will act upon it accordingly. There is no concept of mind-reading. No one can read your mind to know your problems or needs. Thus, you need to communicate with them clearly.

Negative self-talk

Many of us often ridicule ourselves if something goes wrong. Howver, this isn’t a good practice as negative self-talk does no good to one’s emotional and mental being. You should motivate and uplift yourself instead of trying to bring yourself down by thinking that you can’t do this. One of the similar ways through which you can indulge in emotional self harm is by surrounding yourself with negative vibes and negative energy.

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Allowing others to dominate you

One thing that you should never do is allowing others to have control over your life. You should be solely responsible for your life and the happenings in it. No one should have the power to dominate or control it. Also, never suppress yourself from expressing your thoughts and feelings due to someone else.

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